Cleaning up my Life <3 Unfollowing & Deleting!

Hey Guys,

Yikes! Yet again, it has been a while since I last posted & for good reason. 1st Obviously because I had one month summer vacation & 2nd I have been really ill.

The being ill part started about 2 month´s ago when I kept getting fever´s upon fever´s, sore throats & barely get out of bed energy levels. It was so hard to keep afloat with work, friends, acquaintances, events, parties, afterworks, bf, dog etc. I felt like I was drowning.

I am not one to shove a bunch of energy drinks into my body just to make it through the day.

So around June 19th ( Sunday evening ) I came home from our summer-house and I suddenly became super feverish and sick that evening. I had extreme pain on the right side of my stomach and naturally I became worried and googled everything I could possibly find. In the end I found appendicitis symptoms. I am not normally a person who jumps to the emergency, however several days went by without the fever and pain subsiding.

So that Wednesday I went to the emerg. The Doc also thought it was appendicitis so they took some tests and an ultrasound. NOTHING! Just inflammation in my intestines on the right side and a bacterial infection. So they sent me home.

I forgot to mention that I had found a tick that Monday and the red ring started to get bigger and bigger. So at my follow-up appt at the docs he confirmed Borrelia ( Lyme ) but said that everything else looked good after my blood tests. Phew I thought & shit I thought. What the heck!!!” I have to start my vacation taking ten days worth of high dose antibiotics” and whats worse – limit my alcohol consumption!

To make matters worse my sister came to visit me from Canada and I was feeling totally under the weather, weak and not being able to have wine. It was a nighmare. haha

So those ten days went by and my love and I decided we are going to do a lil Euro road trip. We started in Småland—> stayed in Denmark one night ( we planned to stay a week but the weather was terrible ) so we said “screw this let´s drive to Germany”. OMG! I love that Country! It is so chill and the weather was fantastic. We drove to Hamburg first and spent some time in the red light district haha it was interesting to say the least. We had a Lobster & Champagne lunch right by the docks ( fresh off the boat ) Omg what a dream. After our lil Hamburg adventure we made our way to Berlin. WOW!!!! What a City. It has so much to offer but I will get into that in another post 🙂 so we are about just half way through our ten days there and all of a sudden one Saturday morning I woke up with that exact same right side excruciating pain. I couldn´t walk, eat, talk & whats worse I couldn´t even drink wine.  I was in so much pain all I could do is cry. After the second day the pain subsided however still lingering. Luckily it gave me a rest until returning home.

We returned home on a Wednesday and by Sunday evening that horrible pain came back this time 100 times worse. This time I knew it was serious because my dog kept putting her nose by my belly. Soooo back to the emerg I went. Confirmed “exploded” appendix. You can imagine my horror when I heard I had to go straight into surgery. No time to think just cry.

Since the damn thing broke before they could remove it, it caused more issues and I don´t need to get into it now but I had to stay at the hospital for about 7 days. They also found salmonella bacteria which freaked me out. It was just one thing after another. The worst part though was the pain and the unknown. I have never had surgery or gone through anything like this before so it took a toll on my emotions.

So, getting to my point. I have had some time to think and contemplate a few things in my life. Life it too short to worry about ridiculous thing´s and negative energy. Apparently my body soaks up negative energy from my surroundings and I hold on to it which drains me of my energy daily. I don´t have time for that shit anymore.

Fall is closing in and that means a fresh start. I have decided to unfollow, block and ignore certain person´s, accounts, social media etc. I don´t have time to worry about what other´s are doing. I don´t have time to focus on fake friends or friendship´s that do not give me positive energy, only rob me of mine. I do not have time for ignorant and mean people in my life and I especially do not have time for women using me. There has been quite a few girls now since I moved to Stockholm who have only contacted me or talked to me to use me for something. I have had enough.

I am focusing on my health first and foremost. Train, eat well ( I already do but even better) focus on building up my relationship(s) that I have and cherish them. Be with my younger siblings more often before they become teenagers 😉

It is time for me to focus on me.

Have a great day guys. As for me I am on sick leave to recover. Hopefully remove these stitches soon. Finish these damn meds and just be able to walk normally again.

Ciao for now.Wine Berlin

Neuhaus Chocolates.png


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