Picnic at Lifestyle Publishing <3

Lifestyle 3Heya Heya,

Happy July! I am officially on vacation for 4 weeks and could not be happier. It usually takes me about a week to get away from work mode ( I mean I have been working all morning ooooppps. ) However I am hoping when my sister arrives from Canada on Wednesday I will finally feel relaxed.

That being said I wanted to share a few pics from an event last Friday. My dearest friend inviting me and it was a complete blast. We even got to take a box of the delicious wine home with us. Mums. Check her instagram out Linda Mikaelsdotter Boom you won´t be disappointed<3′

Lifestyle 1

It started with us being greated with a glass or rose.

Lifestyle 9.jpg

There was a table created out of Lifestyle Magazine. Tons of goodies to choose from.

Lifestyle 3


Lifestyle 5

It was then time to split up into teams and play some games. haha it was actually a blast.

Lifestyle 4

Lifestyle 6

haha don´t ask! 😉

Lifestyle 2

You know I think I might go take a glass of rose now and go sit on the balcony with my book! Why not right. After all I am on vaca mode 😛

See you next time. xoxo


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