Summer´s Here, Pass the Beer <3

Wazzzuup Guy´s,

Some pics from our balcony. Feel´s super fresh, green & jungly haha not sure that´s a word but whatever.

I am soooo happy its the weekend. The sun is shining, the bubble is flowing & the plans have almost begun.

Long Weekend Agenda:

Friday: Day at the office then Cava AW with my dear friend Linda then red wine hang on the balcony with my love ❤ I am on a no carb diet atm so not sure what dinner will be.

Saturday: Hair appt yet again by my lovely Linda. Cannot wait for the final product 😀 Then photoshoot for the blog 🙂 wiii can´t wait.

Sunday: Bubble Brunch w/ my love and packing for our two day adventure at a Castle in Bromma. I will mention the name after our trip.

Monday: Work in the AM and then heading to the castle for a Spa Day & a Candle lit dinner. I booked us the Svit ( suite ) wiii hoo luxury so we plan to spend a lot of time in the room 😉

Tuesday: Hotel Spa & Breakfast. Maybe a bike ride or walk around the properity. It happens to be Sweden´s national day so who know´s what we will get up to. Maybe nursing a hangover?

I have so many fun plans for the remainder of the week but that will come later.

Have an awesome Friyay xoxo


Pink Flowers

Balcony and Cava

Champagne Guy



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